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McBreen's Military Record

Brendan McBreen had a long and distinguished career in the USMC.

Brendan McBreen

Director of Business Development

Brendan spent 25 years as a Marine Corps officer, deploying nine times, serving in 27 countries and spending 49 months overseas. He commanded at the platoon, company and battalion level, participating in major operations DESERT STORM in Kuwait, SEA ANGEL in Bangladesh, RESTORE HOPE in Somalia, and ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan. He commanded a forward operating base in Afghanistan and served as the senior U.S. advisor to the Afghan Army's 201st Corps Commanding General.

In Washington, DC, Brendan was selected for a one-year fellowship with Exxon-Mobil, awarded the honor graduate of the Marine Corps School of Advanced Warfighting, served on the editorial board of Marine Corps Gazette, and completed a tour at the Pentagon, working for the Commandant of the Marine Corps' Strategic Initiatives Group and Quadrennial Review Team. As a joint plans officer at JFCOM, Brendan served on the CENTCOM Commander's planning staff headquarters in Qatar. Selected for Colonel in 2009, Brendan retired from the Marine Corps in 2011.

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